When you choose to travel with Beezerland, we made sure that our clients get the best experience in which ever part of Sri Lanka they choose to visit. So get ready sun worshipers, prepare to stretch out. Curl your toes in the fine white sand, and get a glorious tan on sundrenched palm-caressed beaches that adorn over a thousand miles of the coast of the island of Sri Lanka.
Mirissa, is no doubt, the best beach in Sri Lanka. It’s a paradise of unlimited sun, sea, sand and surf all year through. You can never go bored in Mirrissa, as there are many exciting activities that you can experience in your stay in Sri Lanka.
Mirissa is a famous spot for whale and dolphin watching. A large number of Spinner, Striped, Bottlenose and Spotted Dolphins and large whales are also seen in the waters off Mirissa, almost every morning. Form the 7 types of whales in the world, 5 can be spotted at the waters in Mirissa. When touring with Breezerland, we guarantee that you will never be disappointed, as we will not leave the boat until we spot these majestic creatures.
Apart from dolphin and whale watching, other tourist attractions are Surfing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing in Mirissa. Mirissa Beach is rapidly becoming a popular Surfer hangout during the months of November to March when it’s the rainy season on the East coast. There are a few professional surfing schools with qualified instructors in the area that can be helpful.
Mirrissa beach is also famous for its breathtaking sun rise and the setting sun. in the morning time you are greeted by gentle colourful sunrises and then the sun crosses directly overhead throughout the day finally ending up give you a breathtaking and memorable sunset. Each evening at sunset Mother nature offers you something different, one night the sunset could be fiery red and then the next it can the most beautiful pastel pink. Many people grab a cool beer, bring restaurant chairs out onto the sand and sit and watch in awe at the array of colours as the sun sets behind the coconut trees.

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