At Beezerland, we have a number of special travel tours that you could choose from. If experiencing the adventurous side of Sri Lanka is what you have in mind, we would be delighted to take you to Kithulgala, as it is a very popular Eco Adventure zone in Sri Lanka.
Kitulgala is a small quite town located in the west of Sri Lanka, just a three hour drive from Colombo, which is the main commercial town of Sri Lanka. Kithulgala is famous for outdoor sports and adventure vacations.
As mentioned before, Kitulagala is an Eco Adventure zone with rafting facilities in the Kaleni River. White water rafting is the hot favourite sports in Kitugala. The rafting adventure on the Kelani is divided into three sections. The middle section rapid is a hot favorite among adventure seekers. This is because it consists of 10 level two rapids which is enthralling in itself. The lower rapid section is very calm and sordid while the upper section is said to be the most dangerous and taken up by only the most versatile.
Apart from white water rafting, Kithulgala offers a number of adventure tours, such as Flat Water Rafting for kids in river branches in Kitulgala, jungle walks to see beautiful rivers and waterfalls and Mountain biking on the roads or in the forest. A dip in the Kelani River for Natural swimming and bathing are also key attractions of Kitulagala.
There is also the small but biodiversity rich Kithugala Rain Forest which is ideal for bird watching. You can also observe the Serendib Scops Owl, discovered recently in this forest. If you need to observe this nocturnal animal you have to visit the forest during night time.
Inside the jungles of Kitulgala there are plenty of camping opportunities. Some ideal Rain Forest Campsites are located in the Jungles of Kitulgala near a small scenic waterfall where you can have a relaxing holiday by the water while getting the opportunity to explore the natural scenery of the Kitulgala forest. It’s the ideal getaway from the usual hustle and bustle of the hectic lifestyle.
The famous British-American World War II epic film,that won seven Academy Awards “The Bridge on the River Kwai” was filmed mostly in Kithulgala in 1957. The filming of the bridge explosion was to be done on 10 March 1957, in the presence of S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike, then Prime Minister of Ceylon. It is stated that thousand tons of explosives were used to blow up the bridge.The remaining sets and props of the bridge is still visible and visited by many film enthusiast.

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