Arugam Bay

As a leading tour guide establishment in Sri Lanka, we at Beezerland believe in giving you the best experience, when it comes to traveling. That is why we have special tour packages to suit every individual. Thus, when you choose to travel with Beezerland we make it a point to take you to the best destinations that will give you the best experience of Sri Lanka, its beauty, culture and heritage.
One such amazing destination is Arugam bay, which is located in the end of the east Coast of Sri Lanka and about 116 km from the capital city, Colombo. Arugam bay is a tiny rural fishing village, with a population of a few hundred. Thus if you’re after remote rural life with all the atmosphere of jungle and adventure this is the ideal place for you.
Arugam Bay is a place for surfers, water sports freaks and wildlife aficionados. Arugam bay is identified as the best surfing beach in Sri Lanka and the 4th best beach in South-East Asia and is also among the 10 best surfing beaches in the world. Arugam Bay receives the same Antarctic winter swells that hit Indonesia ‘s southern shores in the middle of the year.
If you’re not a surfer, there are plenty of other things to do. Arugam bay beach has some of the best conditions for a variety of water sports including swimming and wind sailing. It is also one of the untouched beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. It provides utmost relaxation and tranquility with white sandy beaches and the possibility of spotting Sri Lankan wildlife The Bird Sanctuary is also at close proximity to it, so bird-watchers and surf fanatics can spend a great time at the beach.
Arugam bay beach is also an ideal place to just chill and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the busy work life. When traveling with Beezerland we assure you the best holiday in the sun, and you will want to come back again every year.

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