The peninsula of Kalpitiya is located in the Puttalam district , North Western Province, 167 kilometers away from Colombo the commercial capital of Sri Lanka .The area of wind , sand, tranquility and less rain is much loved by the visitors as it offers a multi-faceted package of enthralling and very exciting experiences including Whale and Dolphin watching since the sea by the reef and beyond is the stage for somersaults of these cetaceans.
Make a trip with Beezer Land to the area of rustic fisher folk and sense the essence its identity.Kalpitiya had been colonized by the Portuguese in the early 17th century and then by the Dutch .With its geographical features the place fitted for military and naval purposes during their times.While touring in the area you can witness the Portuguese ,Dutch constructions remaining up to date .Inspired by its previous occupants ‘ religious practices ,large numbers of Catholic devotees thong at the nearby ancient St Ann’s Church at Thalawila,annually on the 26th of July ,a celebration of religious grandure.Enthusiasts of water activities are offered with snorkeling,diving,kite surfing,kayaking,SUP boarding and many more.Way farers too have much to do with trekking and hiking if you love sight-seeing on foot while on horse- back and biking are other two ways of experiencing the typical village.Thilladiya-the mangrove island of Kalpitiya is home to many birds and other water-bound creatures of the brine in the lagoon.
Whale and Dolphin watching in Kalpitiya
Beezer Land invites you to the world famous sea domain of whale and dolphin watching .The area offers an off shore whale and dolphin watching in an early morning boat ride as the third and the last hot spot of the capering grounds of many kinds of whales and dolphins in the Sri Lankan- territory .The country is situated within the International Whaliing Commission’s Protected Zone in the Indian Ocean .Thanks to the search excavations for oil in the sea depths around Kalpitiya,some facts of the reports on terrigenous resources contributed towards the thrilling assertion of the whereabouts of these largest mammals on earth .In 2003 it was discovered that the Indian Ocean waters surrounding Sri Lanka was home for the highest density of sperm whales in the world and ideal habitat for the blue whales .Movements of currents had created a channel that is rich in higher concentrations of nutritional marine life .The top predators of whom the most sighted kinds being eco-locative, focus on the feast in the murky depths giving a mesmeric show of life long memories .Alankuda beach in Kalpitiya also offers you the sight of dolphins the close relations of the whale family.
Dolphins the adorable highly intelligent sociable cool sea life surf the currents acrobatically along with your boats on the watch in hundreds and thousands, an off shore scenario worth the tour with Beezer Land .Spinner dolphins, Bottle nose ,Risso ,Indo Pacific Hump Back are the kinds of dolphins who hover in the deep blue seas about 2km away from the sandy beaches of cabanas, resorts and hotels occupied by the local and foreign visitors of the season .Beezer Land gives its visitors some useful advice .Some sun screen, a hat or a sun shade would prevent you from hot sun .You are kindly requested to refrain from feeding animals or littering the waters, the habitat of these ocean marvels while being sensible to keep a distant of a minimum 100 meters between your boat and the pods or the schools of fish.

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