At Beezerland, we have a number of special travel tours that you could choose from. If experiencing the heritage and historical places of Sri Lanka is what you have in mind, we would be delighted to take you to Polonnaruwa which was the second largest kingdom in Sri Lanka, is declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, since the ancient city of Polonnaruwa remains one of the best planned Archeological relic sites in Sri Lanka.

During the time kings ruled the country in Polonnaruwa from the 11th to 13th centuries; it was a thriving commercial and religious centre. From Plonnaruwa, many merchants around the world purchased rare goods and the pious prayed at any one of its numerous temples. The grandeur of that age can be found in archaeological ruins, which give a glimpse of how the ancient city looked in its prime.

Polonnaruwa is one of the best attraction places in the country for archeology ruins, as it is a famous ancient kingdom. With it’s greenly environment houses amazing ancient constructions and the famous Parakrama Samudraya, which is a massive lake, built in 1200 by King Parakrama bahu the great, in order to supply water for cultivation. As a mark of respect to this master piece, the rock carved statue of this great king was erected overlooking the lake. It is still well preserved. Most of the ancient ruins are well protected within an especially fenced-off archaeological site.

The Plonnarua Museum has a large collection of insightful displays on life in the ancient capital, and some fine exhibits recovered by archeologists.
Gal viharaya, which is probably the most famous archeology site in Polonnaruwa is still well protected. Gal viharaya is a group of beautiful Buddha statues that depicts the magnificent skills of Sinhalese rock carving. They are part of Parakramabahu’s northern monastery. The Gal Viharaya consists of four separate images, created magnificently on one long slab of stone.

Another historical site is the Lankathilaka temple, which was built by King Parakramabahu the great. The specialty in this structure is the two pylons at the entrance and the giant Buddha statue in side.
Polonnarua vatadage, which is a type of Buddhist structure found in Sri Lanka. Built using solid rock and the beautiful carvings will make you absolutely mesmerizing.
The Polonnaruwa Sandakada pahana, also known as the moonstone is found at the northern entrance. It is beautifully carved with intricate detail and has a meaning to each design.

While touring Polonnaruwa, you can visit the Lotus pond which is famous for its unique design and the Kumara pokuna, where kings and the royal families bathed.

The famous Minneriya National Park is also situated in Polonnaruwa. At this National park one can view around 700 elephants in one setting. For elephant lovers, this park is a must visit place, as large numbers of elephants roam freely at the Minneriya National park throughout the year.

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