Nuwara Eliya

An outstanding example of climate diversity of this small island paradise ,Nuwara Eliya is a popular destination among holiday makers of all ages .Located in the central hills,180 km away from Colombo,this exquisite point of tourist attraction has its own identity since it is covered from three of the highest mountains in Sri Lanka. Bearing distinguish features of the British Colonial architecture, beautiful landscapes and parks the city is abound of awaiting pleasant surprises and events throughout the year.Beezerland accompanies the willing traveler to this misty heaven of greenery and cascades.Due to its low temperature Nuwara Eliya is called the ‘small England’,a popular destination for honeymoon couples.
The legend of King Rawana who used a flying machine that was very much similar to a modern day device is believed to have ruled here.There are places named even upto date that give evidence of his unparalleled powers.Ask beezerland for more of his wars against the Great Monkey King Hanuman.
Sir Edward Barnes who was later named “the father of Nuwara Eliya is responsible for most of the constructions in the area during his time.The Grand Hotel Of Nuwara Eliya today was the holiday home built by him.Sir Samuel Baker was another colonialist who toiled towards the development of the area as a major point of colonial Sri Lanka.The broadest waterfall of Sri Lanka ‘Bakers Falls’ is named after him.
Tea comes first in the list, when talking about the economy of the area.Introdused by the British, Ceylon Tea today has become the world’s finest tea .The heights with suitable climatic conditions contributes to the best yields in the tea estates.
The wilderness of misty heights has a large collection of flora and fauna.This has stolen the hearts of the British nationals who had been in the area .Some of them were spell-bound with the scene of these herbivorous giants .
Other attractions in the area are the Gregory lake constructed by Governor William Grogory,Galway’s Land and Bird Sanctuary,The Golf Club with its impressive landscape,Oliphant Estate where the first thirty tea plants from China was planted,Mount Pedro with the tallest point of Sri Lanka -2524m,Single Tree Hill,Pedro Tea Factory-the most modern in the area,Ceylon Breweries ,Horton Plains-‘World’sEnd’ with a higher degree of bio-diversity,Victoria Park,Haggala Botanical Garden-the highest set botanical garden in the world,Kotmale ,the second largest hydroelectric power station and Ramboda Falls the 11th highest in Sri Lanka and the 729th in the world. Travel with Beezerland to know all these.

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