Experience the grandeur of an age-old history of tradition,spirituality,royalty and architecture.Salute the heroes of World War 1 and 11,play Golf in one of the 100 most beautiful courses in the world,treat your taste buds zipping the world’s finest tea in a cooler climate of elevation,shop for souvenirs of brass ware,wood or handicraft .Beezerland in its city ride in Kandy offers you all this at the lowest possible rate.Are you interested history ,art ,culture ,nature,geography,religion,botany,architecture ,colonization ,shopping or sports ,Kandy is the ideal place for multiplicity in travelling.

Kandy ,the second largest city in Sri Lanka is one of the eight world heritage sites in the island and the most sacred place of worship for the Buddhists.The Sacred Relic of the Tooth was taken from the funeral pyre of Gauthama Buddha in 483BC.Later in the 4th century AD princess Hemamali brought it to Sri Lanka ,hidden in her hair.Firstly enshrined in Anuradhapura and moved from kingdom to kingdom since its possession meant kingship ,the Sacred Tooth Relic was housed at last in Kandy ,the last kingdom of Sri Lanka.Today the octagonal construction “Pattirippuwa”,the Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic and the rest of the palacial complex depict the brilliance of the architectural feats of a golden era in the history of this land.

Kandy Esala Perahera
The annual grandest religious and cultural procession held by the temple to honour the Sacred Tooth Relic is a world famous tourist attraction in the month of July or August.The Maligawa Tusker and other gigantic mammals all caparisoned are worth the visit and that is why people from all four corners of the world plan their tours to Sri Lanka during the season to witness the unique pagent.Be facilitated through Beezerland to occupy your seat to take a closer view at Kandy Esala Procession ,this year if you missed the last.

Food and Accommodation
Kandy and its suburbs abound with many hotels ranging from star class to normal.The food varies from typical Sri Lankan to Western and Eastern.
Souvenirs are memories for you or your loved ones.The city consists of boutiques to shopping malls from which you can buy a pin to world famous branded clothing and other items.Shops are open till late night .Credit cards are accepted in most of them.All the leading banks are situated in and around the city.

Kandy National Museum.
Located east of the Temple ,the place exhibits more than 5000 artifacts and objects belong to the Kandyan period (17-19 century AD).Among them is a copy of the 1815 Kandyan convention ,a symbol of the British governance.

The Raja Tusker Hall
Visit the stuffed noble Tusker who carried the casket for 37 years in the grand procession and took part in it for half a century till his death in 1988.The chosen,a special featured mammal Raja was for the sacred duty of carrying the casket .

Royal Palace and Park
Overlooking the Kandy lake was the last royal residence of the kingdom.King Sri wicrama Rajasinha ,the last king of Sri Lanka resided there until he was overthrown and expatriated to India.He had built the picturesque park there.
Sri Dalada Museum
Located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Athul Maligawa,behind the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic ,the museum houses the gifts offered by the various devotees in homage.There are lots of documents belong to the British Colonial era.

Kandy Lake
Beezer Land suggest you a few hours leisure walk on the shady path around the lake .Enjoy the stunning view of the Temple in the vicinity .Feel the cool breeze coming over the waters and the nearby greenery.

Potgul Viharaya
The library which has writings on Ola leaves is worth the visit.
International Buddhist Museum
Opened in 2010 to coincide with the 2600 years of celebrations in the Buddhist World, the museum has 17 sections devoted to countries where Buddhism is practiced,including China,Korea,Japan ,Nepal,Pakistan and Afghanistan.

British Garrison Museum
The cemetery managed by the Common wealth War Graves Commission lies east of the Sacred Temple.It was opened in 1822 and consists of 195 graves. This tranquil piece of land in which195 British Nationals lie was closed in 1870s due to lack of space. There is a museum giving the visitor information and stories of the buried.One distinguish personality among them is Sir John D’oyly,the Colonial Administrator at the time.
Udawatta Kelle Sanctuary
A paradise for nature lovers,the 119 hectares forest reserve was declared a sanctuary in 1938, a home for many birds that feed on fish.

Queens Hotel
With its 160 years of history the British Colonial style building adorns the city .
Asgiriya International Cricket Stadium
Rev.Alec Garden Fraser,the principal of Trinity College -Kandy (1904-1924)pioneered in building the stadium which was upgraded to international levels later.It is only ten minutes away from the city.
The Ceylon Tea Museum
Located 3km south to the city ,a place from which you can learn the legend of the world’s finest tea.

Hantane Mountain Range
Are you a mountaineer?The range of seven peaks ,the highest being 3800ft above the sea invites you to its zenith.This was declared an environmental protection area in 2010.

Royal Botanical Gardens
6km west to the city ,it lies in a horse -shoe-shaped peninsula and gains more importance due to the longest river in Sri Lanka” Mahawel” which flows through.The garden offers its visitor a host over 300 varieties of orchids, medicinal plants,ornamental plants,creepers,and huge tropical trees along the great lawns.The plant house ,fernery,the lake and the arboretum offer more to those who seek .

The University of Peradeniya,Gatambe Temple ,Lankathilake Temple ,Embekke Devale,Hindagama Temple,Dawson Tower ,Kadugannaawa Rock Tunnel, Ambulluwawe Temple ,Bio Diversity park-Gampola,Degaldoruwa temple,Victoria Golf Course ,Hunnas Falls ,Ratna falls ,Knuckles wilderness and Victoria Randenigala and Rantambe Nature Reserve are the other surrounding attractions Beezer land recommends for its guests who come all the way overseas to this tropical paradise of golden sun and beaches.

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