Located 205km north of Colombo, a Word Heritage Site declared by UNESCO,Anuradhapura is the oldest city in Sri Lanka according to the great chronicle Mahavamsa. Dated back to 380BC this great city, a start of civilization was founded by Prince Pandukabhaya.

It remained 1400years the capital of Sri Lanka and during the time the city was bestowed with many historical monuments .Among them are the temple complexes, colossal pagodas, monasteries,royal residential areas and huge reservoirs.

Introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka took place in the great city Anuradhapura during the reign of King Devanampiyatissa (247-207BC). Arhat Mahinda, son of Great Buddhist emperor of India was the missionary .Arhat Mahinda was followed by his sister Buddhist nun Sanghamitta and she brought a branch of the India’s Sri Maha Bodhi Tree under which prince Siddharta attained enlightenment. The most revered Bodhi Tree was ceremoniously planted in Anuradhapura under the royal patronage.
This is identified as the world’s oldest human-planted living tree.Beezerland invites people around the world to know more about the kingdom that flourished for ten centuries before turned ruined with invasions of the foreigners.

If you plan to visit this historical city of world famous ruins Beezerland is eveready to inform you about the important places in and around the city and the work of the great kings who ruled here.
Ruwan weliseya-The greatest masterpiece of king Dutugamunu.
The 55-metre tall bubble shaped dagoba has fallen to its present height after the Indian invasions .According to the Great Chronicle of Sri Lanka the original dagoba was surrounded by a complete circle of brick elephants with tusks of real ivory.

Brazen Palace-Accommodation for 1000 monks
This ancient building was 9 storied ,150 feet tall ,had a bronze roof, built by king Dutugamunu 2000 years ago.Gone with time ,wind and rain only 1600 stone columns are left today.
Folk Museum-The portrait of Folk Life
Do not forget to step into this museum , established in 1971 since the artifacts there tells you the saga of the rural peasantry of Nuwara- Kalaviya area.
Archaeologocal Museum-Collection of antiquities from all over the island
Established in 1947,located between the Brazen Palace and Ruwanweliseya the building is the showcase of Buddha Statues,inscriptions and coins found from different sites.
Mirisavetiya Dagoba -a compensation for an unshared dish
Enshrined an ornate scepter containing a relic of Buddha, this was built by King Dutugamunu in the 2nd century BC.Enquire the Beezerland during the journey to know the interesting story behind it.
Jetavanarama Stupa – the 3rd largest structure in the ancient world after the 2 largest pyramids of Giza
Don,t you want to take once in a life time experience of taking a snap shot standing beside the world’s largest brick building ever built.Approximately 9330000 baked bricks were used in building (Ratnayaka 1993) and the compound covers about 5.6 hectares.This could have housed 3000 monks at the time.
Jetawanarama Museum-artifacts from excavations since 1981
Buddha statues,guardstones ,carvings ,jewellery and pottery were among the objects found.
Tuparama Stupa-The oldest stupa in Sri Lanka
The sacred collar bone relic of Lord Buddha is enshrined here .The columns around the stupa give evidence of a conical structure,a unique architectural history discussed and debated by the modern day scholars.
The quality of life in that era is beyond our imagination that the medical texts and surgical instruments found in the area tell us how advanced the medical practices of the time were.When you travel by Beezerland you will know more for sure.

The two world famous Buddha images
Samadhi Buddha Image -4th century
Avukana Buddha image

The 7’3” tall seated in meditation posture Buddha statue creates inner peace in its audience
Erected during the 5th century AD this colossal image is hewn out of a boulder.The fine carving of the robe worn is enough proof to the unique craftsmanship of the ancient .

If you are still inquisitive and driven by passion towards the splendor of a bygone era, Abhayagiri Dagoba, Abhayagiri museum, L ankarama, Jewel Palace, Twin Ponds, Royal Pleasure Gardens, Vessagiriya, Kala Wewa which shows marvels of Sri Lankan irrigation more than 1500 years ago and the two ancient stone bridges close to the twin ponds are ready to reveal you more with Beezerland.

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